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Last Minute Tips for Getting Res Life Housing Ready for Fall Semester

A large number of universities we work with are still finalizing plans for the 2020 fall semester. If you’re one of the many housing managers waiting to see if in-person classes will resume this fall, you’re not alone. The good news, however, is that your res life furniture plans don’t need to wait for your school’s reopening strategy to be finalized.

Set yourself up for success later by taking a few key steps now. By working ahead with the right commercial furniture partner, your furniture order can be placed the moment your university announces its reopening plans, giving you the best chance to have res life furniture installed by the fall.

Prepare for the return to campus by taking care of these three tasks.

  1. Complete Your Inventory Assessment
    Know the number of beds, dressers, seating, chairs, and side tables your res life housing units will need when students arrive. If you’re unsure of the number of students that will be permitted in each building, create multiple scenarios. That way whatever the residence hall guidelines your school puts in place, you’ll have a plan that’s ready to go.
  2. Prepare Your Order Ahead of Time
    Once you have each possible housing scenario created, work with your commercial furniture manufacturer to create your order. A manufacturer who’s a true partner will work with you to develop an order for each possible scenario you lay out so, no matter what decision is made, your order is placed immediately once your university plan is announced.
  3. Find a Manufacturer with Furniture in Stock & Ready to Ship
    As the first day of classes quickly approaches, you’re going to need res life furniture fast! Save time by ordering furniture that’s already built and waiting to ship to your school. This will save time and better ensure your furniture is installed before students return.

Our team at Blockhouse is ready to work alongside you and your team to help you be ready this fall. Contact us today and we’ll help you finalize your designs, find the best in-stock furniture for your res life buildings, and get your order ready to go.