At Blockhouse, we’re part of a core group of forest products companies with a vision and commitment to conserve our resources for the benefit of future generations. Protecting the environment, creating a desirable habitat for wildlife and conserving the forest resource through better timber stand management are all-important policies that Blockhouse takes very seriously.

Casegoods Finishing
Blockhouse incorporates a state of the art, flat-line finishing system that utilizes Ultra Violet (UV) Epoxy Clear Coatings and has 0% emissions into the atmosphere, even lower than water based.

Lounge & Seating Finishing
Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s are significantly below EPA standards for wood furniture manufacturing.

Other Important Facts
In an ongoing effort to provide long-term cost savings and extend product life, Blockhouse offers its patented Key-Loc reversible cushions system. Furniture with removable covers and replaceable cushions extends the core product life cycle by more than 100%. Re-upholstery rather than total product replacement avoids deposits into already overloaded landfills and extends your capital expenditure for a better “Product to Dollar Ratio.”

  • Recycled steel is utilized in all components requiring the use of steel.
  • Many upholstery fabrics are available with recycled yarns.
  • Our sawdust is used for farm animal bedding – not dumped into landfills.
  • Over 98% of our orders are shipped “blanket wrapped” to eliminate post-consumer packaging waste.

If you have questions about our Green manufacturing practices, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.