Stepping Outside The Block

Historically, Blockhouse has been known for our durable furniture that’s easy to clean thanks to our patented Key-Loc cushion system. However, we were also infamous for our square or “blocky” shape…until the Encore that is.

Within the past few years, Blockhouse has worked tirelessly to release new products that, dare I say it, are actually stylish. With the focus being placed upon Healthcare, the company created two waiting room series. Both of which were designed with slender and contemporary frames. While we continue to aggressively pursue Behavioral Health and Acute Care, we would also like to rekindle the flame with Higher Education. Hence, the Encore.

According to our owner, Steve Perko, “The core competency of the company is about making customers happy.” This is why the company has always taken the extra step to guarantee their lifetime warranty. Naturally, in order to continue to please customers, we had to do more than make it tough, we had to make it aesthetically pleasing too.

To create this modern piece, we collaborated with a local design firm. “We went through several drafts” Perko recalled “The first things they brought me looked a bit too Jetsons” he chuckled. “That’s just designers. They’re always ahead of the curve.”

We wanted something new but didn’t want to lose who we are. Eventually, the team created the Encore and we were sold.

The concept looked great, the question was, will it work? “My father taught me, you can build one of anything but how do you make many?” explained Perko. The process was difficult. Ideally, you design based on the machines you have available. For Blockhouse, a change was needed and it required parts they didn’t already have in place. It took three years and countless tests but it was worth it. We were able to create the Encore lounge chair, loveseat, and sofa while delivering the same durability that Blockhouse is known for.

“It doesn’t matter if you change the arm style of the chair. The goal is the same – make it hold up in any environment. The outcome always has to be a happy customer. At any given time, we have 3-400 million dollars of product in the field under warranty – you better believe we built it right!  It’s all about pleasing customers and pioneering products that meet the market’s demands. That’s what we are trying to do”.

In a sense, this product paints the picture of where the company is heading. Same removable Key-Loc cushions for cleaning purposes but with a higher back for better ergonomics. Flared arms to provide the contemporary look millennial students desire but complete with the promise of longevity. Same Blockhouse, better style.

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