What Now, After Covid? Considerations for Contract Furniture Buyers

Over the past year and a half, organizations large and small have become accustomed to taking things a week or even a day at a time. Thanks to changing government regulations, evolving health protocols, quarantines, shutdowns and cancellations, long-term planning efforts and short-term budgets alike have taken quite a hit.

However, with the worst of the pandemic now behind us, and with the economy seeing signs of recovery, it is worth asking the question: “what now, after covid?”

As a leading contract furniture supplier for a variety of industries, we’re ready to answer that question. Is it time to repair, replace, or consider furniture pieces with a different set of benefits? Read on for a few factors to consider as your organization begins to look ahead and get back on track with furniture planning and purchases in the months ahead.

Ready for Repair

During the pandemic, many organizations were forced to update their budgets and postpone maintenance on infrastructure like FF&E. That means furnishings could be ready for a round of much-needed repairs. So consider whether the time is right to reupholster cushions, replace drawer fronts, and swap out component parts like doors, hinges, mattresses and cushions.

At Blockhouse, we design all of our contract furniture to be repairable. And our innovative Key-Loc technology makes it easy to flip cushions, remove covers for laundering, and keep your pieces looking their best year after year. If your organization’s furnishings need a little TLC, think about what can be quickly and easily repaired to buy some time while you plan ahead on replacement.

Time to Replace

With major capital investments deferred over the past year, now might be the time to get back on track by replacing furniture that has outlived its useful life. In fact, with health care centers, campuses and other residential organizations returning to a new normal, you may have to consider adding to your furniture inventory – especially if restarted building and renovation projects will require furnishing additional rooms, lounges, waiting areas and other spaces.

When it is time to replace, as described above, be sure to look for durable furniture that will stand the test of time, and that offers replaceable component parts. When you can easily swap hardware, flip cushions, and reupholster pieces, your furniture budget will go further because your pieces will last longer. And be sure to consider whether you could benefit from furniture with specific features, like space-saving designs, ligature-resistance, or tamper resistance. An opportunity to replace furniture is also an opportunity to acquire furnishings that will better meet your organization’s needs. At Blockhouse, our furniture offers many of these features, and more.

Upgrade for Health & Cleanability

One thing the Covid pandemic has taught us is the importance of incorporating health and cleanliness features into our working and living spaces. With that in mind, the next time you purchase furniture, consider choosing a manufacturer that includes anti-microbial technology in their pieces. At Blockhouse, our 4 mil topcoat prevents microbes and bacteria from reproducing and creates a safer environment for staff and guests.

Also, with enhanced cleaning protocols now in place in facilities nationwide, furnishings have to stand up to more rigorous cleaning, more often, and with more corrosive agents. That means choosing furniture and upholstery that’s designed to stand up to these processes over time is a critical consideration. At Blockhouse, we can help you choose furniture and finishes that will prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria while holding up to even the most vigorous post-Covid cleaning methods.

Ready to Come Up with a Plan Together?

Whether you’re ready to repair, replace, or are considering an upgrade for health and cleanability, our team is standing by to help. As contract furniture experts in a variety of markets, we can listen to your needs, identify possible solutions, and help you come up with a furniture plan for the months and years ahead. Contact us today to learn more. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!