3 Spaces That Can Benefit from Dedicated Behavioral Health Furniture

The needs of correctional facilities, group homes and mental health facilities differ greatly from those of other types of healthcare organizations. In these spaces, not only are safety and security a priority, but comfort and general well-being must also be considered as well.

Medical staff and healthcare providers have long recognized a connection between our physical environment and our state of mind, but only recently have behavioral health facilities begun to use this relationship to design spaces that can help patients recover faster and feel safer. If you’re looking for ways to aid patient well-being through room design and furniture, we can help.

At Blockhouse, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing behavioral health furniture that is durable, safe and built with high-quality materials. From ligature-resistant pieces that minimize concerns of self-harm to psych-safe options that limit movement and the ability to hide contraband, our team is ready to help you select the best behavioral health furniture solution for just about any space. Keep reading to see how three unique spaces in your behavioral health facility could benefit from purpose-built mental health furniture.

Patient Rooms 

Patient rooms are one of the most important spaces to consider when creating a comfortable, warm and welcoming space. After all, this room will ideally feel most like home. At Blockhouse, we offer a line of furniture designed specifically for behavioral health environments that includes wood platform beds with optional restraint slots and side cubbies, as well as writing desks, wardrobes and nightstands — many with sloped tops and open shelving for added safety and security. Every product we design is intended to create dignifying, comfortable, supportive and warm spaces that not only motivate caregivers but also reassure patients that they are receiving the best care possible — and it all starts with their rooms. 


If you’re looking to promote well-being and comfort in your facility’s lounges and reception areas, consider a layout and furniture pieces that work together to reduce the stress and anxiety that often go hand-in-hand with undergoing a procedure or seeing a medical professional. At Blockhouse, we recommend opting for chaise loungers, loveseats, sofas or a few plush chairs circled around a coffee table — just like home. After all, lounges are typically a place where patients, visitors and families can gather, spend time together and hopefully feel more at ease. Each of our pieces is carefully designed and constructed using only the highest-quality materials, and we can help you select the best models to promote calming and relaxation. 

Activity Rooms 

When it comes to activity rooms and other areas in which behavioral health patients spend time with one another, it’s important to make the space secure and comfortable for patients, staff and families alike. At Blockhouse, our goal is to boost caregiver morale and support patients in an environment that promotes healing and safety. When designing furniture for behavioral health activity rooms, we focus on functional, safe and comfortable pieces intended for groups and small gatherings. We pair sophisticated, aesthetically-appealing upholstery and finish combinations with durable construction that is built for environments in which patients will be around others. 

Ready to Learn More? 

For more information about how the team at Blockhouse designs and manufactures comfortable, durable and safe furniture for behavioral health centers, contact us today. We are committed to helping you keep your patients and staff safe while creating a sense of comfort and a feeling of home throughout your facility. We are standing by to answer any questions you might have, so please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!