Find a Contract Furniture Manufacturer Who’s There for You from Design Through Delivery

Your contract furniture manufacturer has the potential to do so much more than just sell you a great piece of contact furniture. They can be a partner who helps you concept floorplan designs, custom manufacture pieces that fit your space perfectly, and then deliver and install each piece so the final result exceeds all expectations.

Finding the right contract furniture manufacturer who can do all of these things well and truly guide you through the entire process is key.

At Blockhouse, we support our customers from the design of their space through to delivery and installation.  Keep reading for a look at what a contract furniture manufacturing partner can mean for the success of your next project.

A large part of the value a quality contract furniture manufacturer should bring to the table is design support. More than simply helping you select the right pieces for your space, your furniture supplier should also have the ability to suggest floorplan layouts in line with your goals for the space. And, they should have the experience to recommend the fabric and building material options. At Blockhouse, we often help customers layout their lobby or waiting room to better allow foot traffic to flow naturally and make the space more comfortable.

During the design process, our team can:

  • Develop a detailed custom floorplan
  • Suggest upholstery to meet your unique need
  • Provide design consultation so you achieve the right look
  • And more

Contract furniture suppliers should also work with you to manufacture the right pieces for your space – even if that means developing custom solutions to fill your specific needs.  Our manufacturing takes place completely in-house. This means we control our process so we can create the absolute highest quality contract furniture for your business or organization. At Blockhouse, our expert craftsmen create your furniture to your exact specifications.

During our manufacturing process, our craftsmen and women:

  • Craft your furniture to your precise specs
  • Use the latest CNC woodworking equipment
  • Assemble each piece by hand with exceptional attention to detail
  • And more

Delivery & Installation
The process is not complete until every piece of contract furniture is delivered and properly installed. At Blockhouse, our team knows our products inside and out and will get your new furniture set up quickly and effectively. And for demanding environments where safety and security are the top priority, our installers will bolt psych-safe furniture to floors and walls as required and make sure that when they leave, your furniture is immediately ready for use.

When it’s time to deliver and install your furniture, our team:

  • Offloads & relocates each piece for you
  • Lays out furniture according to your floorplan
  • Secures psych-safe bolt-down furniture to floors and walls
  • And more

To learn more about how Blockhouse can support your organization from the time you begin design through to delivery and installation, contact us today. Our team is ready to help you create the perfect space for your facility.