Finding Higher Education Furniture Solutions for Three Critical Spaces

As a designer, your clients rely on you to specify attractive, modern higher education furniture that’s also built to be durable, comfortable and last for years and years.

Finding this perfect balance is easier than it seems when you first identify a student housing furniture manufacturer that can help guide you through the process of specifying the right pieces for the right space.

When it comes to furniture for higher education, there are three primary spaces we focus on:

  • Student Living – beds, desks, dressers and more
  • Study Lounges – tables, chairs, sofas and more
  • Common Areas – lounge chairs, end tables, coffee tables and more

According to our higher education furniture designers, residence life and facility managers are looking for a design that will achieve the key goals they have for each space.

Student Living
Students spend more time in their residence hall than anywhere else on campus. Rooms need comfortable furniture that can also stand up to heavy use day in and day out. Our beds, desks and dressers can hold up to the unique demands of student living, giving you peace-of-mind in knowing students are comfortable and your investment will last year after year.

Study Lounges
From quiet library study corners to student residences and everything in between, areas designed for student learning need to provide a comfortable and effective working environment. At Blockhouse, our desks, chairs, and lounge tables are all designed to be comfortable, sturdy and hold up to years of all-nighters. Many even include custom features like power outlets built into a sofa’s armrest so study sessions never lose power.

Common Areas
Having students fall in love with the style and feel of campus is key to student acquisition and retention – both of which are tied directly to a university’s bottom line. Well-designed common areas are key to this goal and need to be furnished to foster communication, exude style and personality, and function as an effective group gathering space. That’s why at Blockhouse we create each piece of lobby and lounge furniture to give you complete design freedom – hundreds of designer fabric options, multiple wood stains and finishes, and more.

We’d love to work with you as you tackle your next university design project, from the start of the design process to the final install. If you’d be open to a conversation about any of the challenges or concerns described here, please feel free to connect with us.