How to Know Which Commercial Healthcare Furniture Pieces are Easy to Clean Before You Buy

We know your healthcare facility has a lot of germs to contend with each day. Every surface within your hospital, urgent care center, emergency room, or other treatment center needs to be easy to clean, durable, and able to stand up to daily cleaning and still look its best year after year.

When you begin your search for new healthcare furniture for your facility, your many options can start to look alike, and determining which furniture pieces are, in fact, easy to clean can be a challenge. So, we’ve put together this hit list of ‘key clean indicators’ to guide you on your search for neat-freak-worthy commercial healthcare furniture solutions.

1.     Choose Quality, Durable Wood Finishes
More than providing the right aesthetic, your wood furniture’s finish should be a high-quality finish that’s easy to wipe clean, keeps unhealthy germs from penetrating beneath the surface, and holds up to frequent cleanings over the long haul. At Blockhouse, we only use long-lasting, reputable, antimicrobial finishes that have been tested time and time again, so we know they’ll hold up.

2.     Consider Upholstery Vinyls
Upholstered vinyl is a great choice for healthcare furniture that is exposed to excess dirt and contaminants, like patient or emergency rooms. Vinyl can handle an antiseptic surface treatment that includes bleach and other disinfectants. And, cleaning is easy with their smooth, wipeable surface and resistance to absorbing liquids. At Blockhouse, we recommend upholstered vinyl to our many healthcare facility customers and work with several high-quality fabric providers to bring you the most durable vinyl options available.

3.     Always Insist on High-Quality Fabrics
The biggest factor in whether a chair, love seat or any upholstered commercial furniture piece is easy to clean is the quality of the fabric you choose. Doing your homework to find the most durable and stain-resistant fabric is the best way to make frequent cleanings easy for years to come. Look for fabric cleaning directions direct from the fabric manufacturer so you know how to properly clean and maintain your furniture’s upholstery. At Blockhouse, our fabric cleaning page includes directions given to us by our fabric partners with suggested methods for cleaning and keeping upholstery looking like new.

4.     Search for Innovations that Keep Furniture Looking Like New
The highest quality fabrics can still fall victim to set-in dirt and stains that go unnoticed for days. While the germs can be removed from fabrics or vinyl, those set-in stains can leave discoloration behind. At Blockhouse, our Key-Loc cushion system was created specifically to solve this challenge. Key-Loc cushions are reversible, allowing you to flip the cushion to the clean side of the upholstery without needing to replace the entire cushion. The system makes it easy to keep your furniture looking like new and helps you save money by avoiding unnecessary replacement pieces.

Blockhouse’s commercial furniture for healthcare environments is made with you and your facility in mind; every piece is easy-to-clean and disinfect, and is durable enough to handle heavy use for decades. And, that means you’re saving time and money by investing in quality furniture that lasts.

To learn more about all of our commercial furniture options for healthcare environments, contact us today.