Residential Contract Furniture For Any Application

At Blockhouse, we’re a contract furniture manufacturer that helps organizations furnish everything from lobbies to lounges and beyond. And, when it comes to furniture for residences and sleeping quarters, our functional Suite Line delivers comfort as well as value.

The Suite Line was designed as a complete room solution, including beds, dressers, desks and other case goods. It comes in a variety of finishes and is built to stand the test of time in order to maximize your furniture investment. Read on for a few applications where the Suite Line really shines!

  • College Residence Halls
    Residence hall furniture presents a number of unique challenges. Each room typically needs two of each piece of furniture, and space is at a premium. Furnishings need to be appealing to students and families, comfortable for late nights studying, and durable enough to stand up to heavy use semester after semester. That’s why our suite line offers adjustable-height beds, stackable chest drawers, multiple wardrobe sizes and options, and more. Most importantly, each piece is long-lasting so that administrators get the most bang for their furniture budget.
  • Healthcare Facilities
    When it comes to furniture for healthcare, including sleeping quarters, lounges and on-call rooms, the Suite Line excels. With stylish details, customizable finishes, and pieces ranging from beds to wardrobes and beyond, it helps create comfortable spaces where staff can rest during a long shift. And when it comes to patient rooms, its durable, easy-to-clean furniture pieces create an environment where patients and families can recuperate in comfort without breaking administrators’ budgets.
  • Government Applications
    From national parks to the military, and everything in between, the Suite Line helps government organizations furnish living spaces anywhere they need them. As a GSA-approved commercial furniture vendor, we work with procurement officers to find durable solutions for any government housing facility, regardless of size, need or application.
  • Just About Any Residential Use
    With beds, dressers, wardrobes, nightstands, desks and more, the Suite Line is the perfect complete room solution for just about any residential contract furniture application. And when combined with our full line of sofas, loveseats, tables, chairs and other stylish, durable furniture pieces, it really does allow us to deliver complete living quarters to a wide variety of organizations. Unsure of where to start? Browse the Suite Line now at our online catalog and imagine the possibilities for your organization.

Interested? Volume Discounts Apply.
If your organization is looking for long-lasting furniture that will deliver comfort, style, and value for sleeping quarters of any kind, consider the Suite Line. And as an added benefit, any time you place a Suite Line order you’ll be able to access volume discounts depending on how many pieces you need.

So whether you’re furnishing ten rooms or ten thousand rooms, the Suite Line is a great way to help your organization maximize your budget on the front end while acquiring furniture that will deliver value by standing up to even heavy use over the coming years.

Click to browse the Suite Line, or contact us today for specifications and pricing. Our team is standing by to help, and we look forward to hearing from you!