How to Choose the Right Contract Furniture Manufacturer for Your Behavioral Health Facility’s Unique Needs

The field of behavioral healthcare encompasses a wide variety of applications, each with a unique need. At Blockhouse, we’re a contract furniture manufacturer that creates furniture lines to meet the demands of mental health facilities, rehabilitation centers, transitional housing units, and many more. All of our behavioral health and mental health furniture lines share a set of core qualities designed specifically for high-impact environments where safety and security are of the utmost importance. And, each of our commercial-grade furniture lines cater to the needs of specific applications within the behavioral category.

Just some of the ways we approach three main applications of behavioral health care include the following.

Psychiatric Care
If you’re a facility manager within a psychiatric care facility, or working with a facility to specify the right furniture for your client’s need, we know that safety is your top priority. All Blockhouse furniture built for the psychiatric environment is difficult to climb and limits the ability to hide contraband or other items that can cause harm.

Within our Vista Series, for example, we offer beds that bolt to the floor, many with restraint slots, for a safe sleeping environment.  And, where drawers can be used as weapons, our Vista wardrobes are built with fixed shelves and security screws to resist tampering. Each piece is constructed with solid, sturdy, high-quality materials so your investment lasts decades.

Like psychiatric facilities, rehabilitation centers also require furniture built to be safe and secure above all else. Features like security screws, shelves and dressers that are secured to the wall and floor, and furniture that can’t be disassembled without specialty tools make Blockhouse furniture the ideal choice when you need safe, durable furniture.

We also make sure our furniture is appealing to the aesthetics of a space to make the rehabilitation facility feel like home. For this reason, our Vista line and others also come in a wide variety of stain finishes and fabric colors so you can create both a safe and calming environment.

Transitional Housing
The design of a transitional housing space needs to balance security and durability with the aesthetics that make the housing facility feel like home. As a full-service contract furniture manufacturer, we can furnish your entire transitional housing space – from beds, dressers and shelving to tables, chairs and sofas.

Our various behavioral furniture collections, like our Ambassador and Arcadia lines, include our patented Key-Loc technology. With Key-Loc, sofas and chairs feature reversible cushions that keep furniture in high-stress environments looking like new. These and all of our furniture lines come in multiple wood stain finishes, various fabric styles and have plush foam cushions giving a transitional housing space all the comforts of home.

At Blockhouse, we offer behavioral health care furniture options to fit the need of any facility. If you’re looking for commercial-grade furniture that’s safe, secure and durable for your behavioral health facility or your next design and construction project, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!