Look for These 3 Key Features to Ensure Your Residence Hall Furniture Will Last

Residence hall furniture sees a lot of abuse. From busy common areas, to bedroom suites to study lounges, furniture that won’t last decades just won’t cut it. But how can you determine which furniture will stay looking and functioning like new?

The answer: look for these 3 key features:

  • Durable Construction
  • Reversible Cushions & Replaceable Parts
  • Bed Bug Protection

Durable Construction
Durability is critical; especially throughout universities where residence hall furniture is constantly in use by a large number of students. At Blockhouse, we understand the unique furniture needs of universities. That’s why our furniture for higher education is custom-built with hardwood construction to be durable enough for heavy, long-term use.  Our seating furniture is also outfitted with commercial-grade fabrics that hold up in high-traffic spaces. And, we believe commercial furniture should be as colorful and unique as it is durable, which is why all of our pieces come in a wide variety of wood stains and fabric choices.

Reversible Cushions & Replaceable Parts
Wear and tear are unavoidable for any furniture line that resides in communal living spaces. We recognize that university budgets aren’t limitless which is why at Blockhouse we’ve developed features that allow you to make fixes without replacing an entire sofa or lounge chair. Our patented Key-Loc technology, for example, allows you to simply reverse seat cushions to keep your chair or sofa looking like new.

Bed Bug Protection
Hundreds of students living in dorm rooms and residential suites can be a breeding ground for bed bugs. At Blockhouse, we’ve developed our patented Bed Bug Barrier System that takes a new approach to bed bug eradication, ending what can otherwise be a vicious cycle of infestation. Unlike pesticide sprays that wear off, our barrier system is fixed to cushions and the back or underside of our furniture, killing every bed bug that crosses its path. The bed bug barrier can be added to any piece of Blockhouse furniture.

By investing in a furniture line that can promise you these key features over the long haul, you can be confident you’re making a wise investment. Blockhouse is a leading higher education furniture manufacturer and can deliver a level of quality that will keep your furniture looking and functioning like new for decades. Let us show you how! Contact us today to learn more.