Does Easy-to-Clean Upholstered Contract Furniture Exist?

Our Innovative Key-Loc Cushion Technology is the Secret to Cleaning and Disinfecting Upholstered Contract Furniture

Walking into your facility armed with cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer is now the norm. You spray door handles and wipe down tables throughout the day. But when is the last time you sanitized your upholstered lobby chairs and other upholstered contract furniture?

Should Upholstered Furniture be Disinfected as Regularly as High-Touch Surfaces?

The answer is a resounding ‘YES’!

Think about how many people occupy a chair in a healthcare waiting room over the course of a day, or how many students rest on a couch in a college common area during a semester. Dozens, if not hundreds, of people utilize the furniture in these settings. Upholstered seating in lobbies, waiting rooms, patient rooms and common areas are all used by multiple people each day and need to be easy to clean if they’re going to stay germ-free.

How to Identify Easy-to-Clean Upholstered Chairs

Especially now, chairs with easy-to-clean cushions, seats and backs are a priority for businesses and facilities in order to stop the spread of viruses and germs. While non-upholstered seating is easier to clean, upholstery is what gives a waiting room, student lounge or health center its home-like feel. Especially if you’re designing a pediatric wing of a hospital or a welcoming student lounge, comfort is an important factor.

Our Blockhouse craftsmen and upholstery team went to work to find a way to make upholstered contract chairs easy to clean and disinfect without sacrificing the comfort and quality of the seat.

From their hard work and innovation, our patented Key-Loc cushion technology was born.

Key-Loc Can Save Your Cushions from Being the Carriers of Germs

Key-Loc is an innovative cushion technology built-into our contract lounge seating. Whether you need furniture for health centers, furniture for student residence halls or furniture for any other facility or building, Key-Loc lets you replace or flip the chair’s cushions without having to replace your entire chair.

Most importantly, when trying to keep your facility free of germs, Key-Loc lets you remove a cushion to give it a deeper, more thorough clean. Then, you can simply lock the cushion into position once the upholstery is clean.

See Key-Loc in Action by Watching This Video:

Eventually, when you’re ready to start fresh with new upholstery, you can replace your Key-Loc cushions and covers with new ones and not incur the expense of purchasing an entirely new fleet of chairs.

Tip: When you’re exploring Key-Loc cushions, don’t forget about the importance of disinfecting the rest of the chair, including its arms, legs and base. Every piece of Blockhouse contract wood furniture includes an anti-microbial topcoat. The finish works to inhibit the growth of microbes between regular cleanings and offers 24/7 protection as long as the coating is present.

Blockhouse Is Your Resource for Easy-to-Clean Upholstered Contract Furniture

At Blockhouse, we understand the need for upholstered contract furniture to not only be comfortable and durable but to also be easy to clean and disinfect.

If you’re looking for easy-to-clean upholstered contract furniture pieces for your facility, Blockhouse can help. When you’re ready to have a conversation, contact us and let’s discuss how to create a safe, clean environment for your facility.