How to Drive Down Costs with the Right Contract Furniture Supplier

Each year, many organizations examine their budgets and look for ways to cut costs. Oftentimes, closely examining what you’re spending on furniture doesn’t tell the whole story about how much your furniture investment is truly costing you. That’s because when it comes to furniture for large, busy organizations, the cost of repairs and replacements over time can really add up. What’s more, this hidden cost can drag down your bottom line!

If you’re looking for a contract furniture supplier that will ultimately help drive down your furniture costs, it pays to consider how the right contract furniture manufacturer can deliver pieces that hold up for the long term and reduce your overall investment over time. This philosophy can lead to savings that really add up.

Keep reading to see a few ways Blockhouse furnishings do just this, and contact us today for more info on how to maximize long-term furniture ROI for your facility.

Durable Design

When you’re replacing pieces due to wear and tear or breakage that comes from heavy use, it makes sense to look for suppliers who offer durable furniture designs made from high-quality materials. This combination of attributes is the best way to ensure less-frequent replacement and lower your costs over time. 

For example, Blockhouse furniture is made to last thanks to heavy-duty wood construction, glued and screwed joints, and a variety of long-lasting upholstery options. More importantly, it includes all of this without sacrificing comfort and style. Each of our pieces is customizable to suit any design aesthetic, deliver home-like comfort to residents and guests, and is made to last even after years of heavy use.

Replaceable Parts

When your furniture features replaceable component parts, you’ll no longer have to replace entire pieces. That means replacing an arm assembly instead of an entire chair, cushions instead of a sofa, or individual doors and drawers instead of a full wardrobe. That also means you’ll save big over time.

At Blockhouse, we design our pieces with components and parts that can be easily replaced, particularly for facilities such as universities, healthcare centers and other commercial environments that experience heavy use over time. Our patented Key-Loc technology allows you to easily flip or replace cushions and cushion covers, while other replaceable components include drawers, doors, arms, legs and more. Whether you’re in need of student housing furniture, behavioral health furniture, healthcare furniture or pieces for a government facility, Blockhouse has furniture with replaceable parts that will help you lower costs and gain long-lasting ROI.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Compared to pieces made out of low-quality materials like particleboard and plastic that simply don’t hold up, Blockhouse contract furniture includes heavy-duty construction and top-grade materials that are purpose-built to last under heavy use in a wide range of environments. 

What’s more, our contract furniture is designed to hold up to regular cleaning and disinfecting, thus preventing undue wear and tear that can prematurely break down materials and damage upholstery. When your facility’s furniture is made from quality materials and long-lasting construction methods like this, your pieces will last longer and ultimately help boost your organization’s bottom line.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’d like more information about the features to look for when researching contract furniture for healthcare, academic or government facilities, contact us today. Our team has decades of experience helping facility managers design, purchase and install comfortable, durable and high-quality contract furniture that lasts for decades. We look forward to helping you select the right contract furniture for your facility!