Long Live Your Contract Furniture. Here’s What to Look for In Furniture That Lasts.

These days, organizations are closely examining every expense and calculating the return on investment on all purchases. Purchasing contract furniture can be a huge expense for companies, but it doesn’t have to be a drain on your bottom line. At Blockhouse, we design furniture that lasts decades, not years. Read on for how longer lifespans can lead to greater savings and, ultimately, better ROI for your business.

Longer Furniture Lifespan Leads to Greater Savings
Lifespan is an important factor to consider when purchasing commercial furniture. Replacing furniture too often causes costs to rise, impacting your bottom line. There are many features to look for when deciding on a contract furniture company to ensure that your new furniture will last for years.

Quality Upholstery That Holds Up Over Time
One feature to consider is the quality of the fabrics used. You want to look for fabrics that hold up to heavy use and daily wear and tear. For many organizations, especially in healthcare facilities, easy-to-clean fabric is of the utmost important. In these instances, high-quality vinyl upholstery is a great choice and your furniture will continue to look great, even with constant cleaning.

Solid Construction
Another component to look for is in the builder’s construction methods. At Blockhouse, we use quality hardwoods, like oak and maple, along with antimicrobial finishes that can stand up to constant cleaning, extending the life of each piece.

Innovative Features
What sets Blockhouse apart from other contract furniture manufacturers is our proprietary Key-Loc cushion system. Key-Loc gives you maximum value and ROI by featuring replaceable component parts. If a cushion gets a stain or a tear, for instance, you won’t have to replace the entire chair or sofa. With Blockhouse and Key-Loc, you’ll be able to replace just the cushion, outlasting many other brands and extending the life of your furniture

Choose a Brand You Can Trust
Not all contract furniture manufacturers are created equal. Blockhouse has close to 50 years experience manufacturing high-quality furniture, built right here in the USA. We specifically design and build high-quality contract furniture that lasts, saving your business money in the long run by not having to replace furniture as often.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a contract furniture manufacturer with innovative features that contribute to longer lifespans and ultimately greater savings. Our team is standing by to help your organization maximize furniture ROI!