Durable, High-Quality Vinyl Upholstery is the Best Way to Stop Germs from Spreading Throughout Your Healthcare Facility

Hospitals, emergency rooms and acute care centers are a hotbed for germs. Even when a healthcare facility is dedicated to daily furniture cleanings, it can be a leading cause of the spread of dangerous bacteria and germs. One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep patients, staff and the greater public safe from disease is by continuously disinfecting heavily-used surfaces like lobby furniture.

If your healthcare lobby seating is wrapped in fabric, stopping the spread of germs that can live on a surface is next to impossible. Heavy-duty vinyl upholsteries that can hold up to concentrated disinfectants are your best option.

At Blockhouse, we offer durable contract furniture for healthcare facilities with tough vinyl upholsteries that are easy-to-clean and disinfect. And, they’re comfortable and will last for decades, too, so your investment in the health of your facility will last.

Beyond vinyls, all Blockhouse wood furniture comes with an anti-microbial coating. This means your entire lobby or patient room chairs and sofas will stop germs from spreading, thereby keeping patients and staff safer.

A majority of the healthcare industry is moving towards vinyl coverings for healthcare facility furniture. Inspectors are now flagging facilities for health violations if the furniture is not constructed with easy-to-disinfect vinyl upholstery.

Upgrading your healthcare facility’s lobby and patient room seating from fabric to vinyl is easy with the help of our patented Key-Loc cushion technology. Contact us today to learn more about the high-quality vinyl replacement cushion covers we offer and how we can help you create a safer facility that stops the spread of dangerous bacteria and germs.