Three Considerations When Purchasing Behavioral Health Furniture

Behavioral health facilities have a diverse array of furniture needs. While these organizations require furniture designed first and foremost for the safety of patients and staff, they also need furniture that will stand up to heavy use in sometimes-extreme environments.  In addition, they require furniture that’s comfortable for patients and that will help create an environment for healing. Last, even beyond behavioral health needs, most facilities also need furniture for lounges, lobbies and other areas where uses are more routine.

At Blockhouse, we’re experts in behavioral health furniture. Thanks to decades of experience working with these unique organizations, we know how to help plan and design furnishings that consider the safety and comfort of patients, staff and families alike. We know how to help you manage costs, and we know how to help you make wise furniture investments that will deliver long-term value for your organization.

Read on for three important considerations when it comes to purchasing behavioral health furniture, and contact us today to learn more about how our team can help.

Safety is key for patients and staff alike, and furniture choices can either enhance or detract from the safety of any space. At Blockhouse, we have behavioral health furniture that is designed to be ligature-resistant for maximum patient safety. Plus, our furnishings can be bolted down or otherwise secured to prevent accidental or purposeful movement. With open shelves and angled tops, our bookcases make it difficult to hide contraband, and thanks to strong construction with specialized fasteners our furniture cannot be disassembled without specialized tooling. All of these features mean that Blockhouse furniture is a safe choice in even the most demanding behavioral health environments.

Behavioral health facilities require furniture solutions that can stand up to heavy and sometimes extreme use. That means quality materials matched with construction techniques designed for high-impact environments are an important consideration. Blockhouse furniture is made from heavy-duty, quality wood and constructed with durable materials that will last for decades. Our pieces are designed so that they cannot be easily disassembled. And, thanks to replaceable component parts, our furniture can be refurbished as needed to increase longevity, even in the most extreme use cases.

Perhaps the most important factor that can help determine a successful outcome for patients is the comfort of their environment. Behavioral and mental health facilities must create welcoming, comfortable spaces for patients, staff and family. Although designed for these unique environments, Blockhouse furniture doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Plus, with a variety of finishes, fabrics, and styles to choose from, designers and facility managers can customize our pieces to create soothing and comfortable spaces for patients, families and staff.

Ready to Find the Right Behavioral Health Furniture Supplier?
The right behavioral health furniture partner should be able to help plan and manage your furniture needs from concept to delivery to bolt-down and beyond. At Blockhouse, we are experienced with furniture design, configuration, logistics, delivery, and installation for behavioral health facilities. Even better, as a single-source contract furniture provider we can create solutions for your whole facility  – from patient rooms and treatment areas to lounges, lobbies, offices and more.

We understand the unique needs of behavioral health facilities and have decades of experience providing the right contract furniture solutions. So if you are planning a furniture project contact us today to learn more. We’re standing by to help, and we look forward to hearing from you!