Businesses Can’t Afford to Invest in Contract Furniture That Doesn’t Last

In today’s economic climate, organizations must make sure their contract furniture purchases will last.  That’s because low-quality furniture will ultimately cost your organization more in the long run.  We’ve been building contract furniture for decades so we know what it takes to manufacture high-quality furnishings for a wide array of environments that will deliver long-lasting ROI.

If you’re currently searching for healthcare furniture, behavioral health furniture, student housing furniture, or any other type of contract furniture, look for a manufacturer that can deliver on the following considerations. It’s the best way to make sure your furniture investment will pay off over the long term.

High-Quality Materials
Durable furniture is made with high-quality materials. So before you purchase from a contract furniture supplier, ask them about the types of materials used in construction. Are chairs, beds, bookcases, and other pieces made with solid hardwoods and top-quality plywood? Or are they made from particleboard and other low-cost materials? How are joints fastened? Do they use high-quality finishes to keep their pieces looking fresh over time?

Ask these questions to make sure the furniture you purchase will hold up even under heavy use in stressful environments. High quality materials and finishes are the difference between furniture that lasts months and furniture that lasts decades.

Replaceable & Reversible Components
Furniture in healthcare facilities, universities, and other commercial environments can be subject to a great deal of wear and tear. So be sure to look for furniture that has replaceable and reversible components for prolonged usability. Furniture pieces that have been designed to last should include replaceable components like cushions, upholstery, doors, and drawers.

At Blockhouse, one of the ways we extend the life of our furnishings is with our patented Key-Loc system. Our simple Key-Loc mechanism allows high-use cushions to be easily reversed, essentially doubling their usable life. Another feature of Blockhouse furniture is our Pennsylvania-based factory’s ability to easily reupholster existing cushions. This means that any piece of furniture can have its cushions reversed to gain additional longevity, then reupholstered to last even longer. This allows organizations to extend the life of their existing pieces almost indefinitely without the expense of purchasing new pieces.

Future-Proof Design Solutions
Not all contract furniture needs are the same, so a good contract furniture manufacturer will help you design a custom solution that will give your organization flexibility down the road. For example, modular furniture and individual seating can provide a base that can be easily expanded, contracted or otherwise reconfigured over time. By using a custom-design approach, we’ll help you plan your purchases today to allow for future reconfiguration, thus protecting your investment no matter how your organization’s needs may evolve.

Ready to Learn More From A True Contract Furniture Partner?
At Blockhouse, our team is standing by to help translate your immediate and long-term furniture needs into a flexible, durable solution that can be implemented today. Contact us today to learn more about why durability matters. Our team of design professionals is standing by and ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you!