How Behavioral Health Furniture Helps Create a Safer Facility

Behavioral health facilities have needs that are unique beyond just about any other commercial space. We understand the extent to which every item in every room is carefully selected to provide the greatest level of safety to both patients and staff.

At Blockhouse, we’ve worked alongside behavioral healthcare facility managers for decades. As a result, we understand their unique safety needs and use that knowledge to custom design and manufacture our behavioral health furniture solutions.

When collaborating with our behavioral health facility partners, they’ve shared with us the four must-have features they look for when considering a furniture purchase. Before you buy, make sure the furniture you chose includes these four features so you can feel confident you’re investing in the best possible furniture solutions.

1.     Ligature-Resistant Solutions
With patient and staff safety as a top priority, we offer furniture selections designed and carefully manufactured to be ligature-resistant, helping to keep your patients safe.

2.     Bolt-down Options
A critical aspect of safe furniture solutions is the ability to bolt down furniture. By keeping furniture in its place we can reduce a patient’s ability to cause harm to themselves and others.

3.     Difficult to Climb
Even if a manufacturer bolts down furniture, consideration must also be made to other ways a wardrobe, table or any other piece could be used in a harmful way. Our furniture solutions are built to be difficult to climb, reducing safety risks to patients.

4.     Limits the Ability to Conceal Contraband
We also know from our work with our facility partners the risk that contraband plays in behavioral health facilities. With each of our furniture pieces designed for behavioral health applications, contraband won’t be easily hidden.

Like you, safety is our top priority as we manufacturer high quality, durable and comfortable commercial for behavioral health facilities. Contact us today to speak with our team to learn more about the features that make Blockhouse furniture a safe and quality choice for your facility.