Is Your Furniture Really Designed for Behavioral Health Facilities?

Behavioral health organizations can have unique and demanding requirements for furniture. Because of this, it’s important for behavioral facilities to choose a contract furniture partner who really knows how to design and build furniture for this specific application.

Whether its furniture for psychiatric treatment centers, drug, and alcohol rehab facilities, in-patient mental health units, or other unique environments, choosing the right furniture can increase safety for both patients and staff, without sacrificing comfort for residents.

At Blockhouse, we have been manufacturing high-quality, commercial-grade furniture for behavioral health environments for decades. So we know what it takes to make safe, durable, comfortable furniture. Read on for just a few of the ways you can tell if your furniture is really designed for behavioral health. And contact us today to learn more, ask a question or request pricing.

Tamper Resistant
First and foremost, behavioral health furniture should be tamper-resistant. That means using fasteners, bolts and other hardware that can’t be easily removed, designing component parts that are hard to disassemble, and heavy-duty construction methods that won’t split, tear or break even under the toughest conditions. This is important because tamper-resistant furniture is safer furniture for staff and residents.

Ligature Resistant
Our furniture for behavioral health facilities is ligature-resistant, meaning each piece helps keep patients safe by being difficult to harm one’s self. As with each piece’s tamper-resistant qualities, our furniture resists disassembly and is typically bolted to the ground or wall, making other unintended uses much more difficult to achieve.

Easy to Clean
Furniture finishes at behavioral health facilities need to stand up to rigorous cleaning without wearing out over time. Whether its tough vinyl upholstery, antimicrobial wood finishes and coatings, or sealed seam mattresses, Blockhouse furniture stands up to the kind of tough, constant cleaning that behavioral organizations require.

Can’t Hide Contraband
Thanks to open storage, sloped tops, and other unique features, our Vista line is designed to keep belongings out in the open. This eliminates the kinds of nooks, crannies and cubbies where patients could hide contraband, allowing easy visual inspection by staff members.

The last step in our process is delivery. And with experienced crews ready to deliver and install furnishings at your facility, we can make sure your furniture is immovable as well. With the right hardware and access designed into our furniture, we can bolt to floors and walls, making sure your furnishings can’t be moved, toppled or otherwise disrupted.

Ready to Learn More?
If you manage a behavioral health facility, are you sure that your furniture includes these important features? Our designers have outfitted a wide range of behavioral healthcare organizations with safe, easy-to-clean, durable, comfortable furniture. If you feel something here is worth a brief conversation please contact our team today to determine if there’s a mutual fit.

Contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!